Pride Of The Human Race

Have you ever went to the supermarket or local store on a Friday night and saw the indecency of the human race?Grown men and women in pa jama pants. People half dressed. Dirty clothes. Hair that hadn’t been combed in a week. I have,and it makes me want to never go into public sometime. I don’t understand where the pride has went. Now I am all about freedom, and would be the the first to say that it is their choice on how they look or act. I just don’t understand though where American culture changed. We now live in a society that anything goes. Think back to your grandparents, great – grandparents. That generation was a proud generation. Sure times was hard and most people had little money but they had pride. Men wore button up shirts with a undershirt underneath. Women wore dresses and fixed their hair. Men and women tried to look neat. If someone went out half dressed they would be shunned for it. Now I am not saying that the American dress of today is wrong but it has definitely changed. Men of the old days wore long sleeve shirts. Women covered their breast. They were neat. They had pride. Today people will go into public with shorts so short their butt cheeks hang out. I don’t want to see that. The older I get the more I pay attention to the way parents dress their children. Young girls dressed like street walkers. Young boys with shorts that are shorter that some boxers. Where has the pride went. The dignity. Tattoos everywhere. Now I am not saying tattoos are bad. If you want one then it is your choice. Your freedom. Go for it. Some people though go so overboard. You can’t tell where skin stops and tattoos start. How do you get a job like that? Piercings, once again, your choice. Your freedom. But do you think ears, nose, tongue, and eye brows with a big bolt through it looks presentable. How will you explain that to your grandchildren? I once talked to a Korean War vet that was drafted to the army. He said everyone should go through the military. I asked him if he liked it that much. He responded by saying he hated it. Leaving home and giving two years of his life to the country. He hated it. So why would he want everyone to go through it? He told me the pride it gives you. The dress. The class. The respectfulness. You even had to make your bed up perfect every morning. Shoes shined. Beard shaved. I know every generation is a little different or we would all be dressed like George Washington. Where does it stop though? In another fifty years will we all just go naked because it is easier? Will we all have our hands out for the next government program because we don’t want to work? Land of the free and home of the brave. Did we get this way by being slobs? No. America, let’s get it together and stop this down  hill spiral and reinstall the pride of the human race.



The New Era Of NCAA Tornament

Gone are the days that you can pick who will win the NCAA tournament by looking at seeding. Today’s athletes are so complete that even the lowest seed has a path to the final four. UMBC proved this with the total dismantling of Virginia. With the lucrative payouts of the NBA super talented players are often gone after one season. This leaves mid major schools with recruiting four year players by default. They can’t compete with the power schools. In the current atmosphere these mid major schools are playing upper class men  against freshmen and sophomores. Now we can argue all day long about the one and done. We can argue about the talent of these players versus experience. I am not going there, at least not in this post. The point I want to make is that it definitely levels the playing field. In the early years of the tournament you had the power schools with veteran super talent. The mid majors was stuck with just veterans. It was a win, win for the power universities. They had it all. That way has been replaced in today’s tournament. You either have veterans or underclassmen that are super elite talent. Sure on a given night talent is talent and it will prevail, but tournament is not a given night. These veteran seniors that have poured their heart and soul in a program want to keep playing. One more game, one more half, one more possession. They don’t want to put that jersey up for good. Just one more. Then with all the pride and heart comes a super nova over these players. They suddenly play stronger. They play taller. They play faster. Four years of playing experience clones it’s self into the talent they were lacking as high school seniors. It is win or bust. Once again I am not saying experience is better. Although it does level the playing field in the new era of the NCAA tournament.