The Apple Tree On The Hill

Have you ever heard the term that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree? I have heard this saying many times. It is used when someone thinks that a person is like their father or mother, usually in a derogatory way. Let’s take our minds to an apple tree standing on the hill barring apples. Some fall before they are ripe. Some fall and are destroyed by the fall. Some fall and spoil by the way side. Same goes for the ones that are eaten by wildlife. There are a few though that are picked just right, washed, prepared and placed at the super market in all their beauty. You see, the apple  contains the seed from the tree. It is how the tree reproduces it’s kind. The apple contains the seed for the future generations. Just as the the apple we cannot help what tree we come from. We can though try to prosper and be the best example of what we are. Our children, just like the apples that fall from the tree need nourishment. Watched over so they don’t fall in life and get destroyed. We must protect them from the wild animals of life, while letting them get ripen on their own. When the storm winds blow we must lay out the fleece for them to fall into. Help pick them back up taking special interest not to bruise them. Just as the apple come from a certain breed of tree, we come from a family name. From there though we make our own destiny. We must take special care not to judge someone by their name. Just because a parent or grandparent done certain things in their life does not mean you or I will. You have your own conscience. You know right from wrong. Good from evil. Listen to what you feel. If something feels wrong then it probably is. Take time to help the youth that they may grow strong. Be your own person but remember where you come from. Every tree started from a sapling. It had to have good conditions to grow. If we do not watch over our children and try to make a good home for them then the weeds of life will smother them out. When I say a good home I don’t mean to surround them with riches. I mean surround them with love. A father and mother who would give their life for them. I father and mother that will discipline their children, but have compassion doing so. Teach them right from wrong. Good from evil. Give them condolence when things go wrong. Help them when they mess up. Don’t just criticize them for their faults. If we follow these things then our children will grow strong like the apple tree on the hill and they too will one day bare fruit. The next time a challenge comes up, things don’t go right for you or your family, remember the apple tree on the hill.


The power of the Media

In the day and time we live in it is easier than ever to access news down to the second it happens. A news story breaks and it is on every news channel, social media site, and link we have. It comes through on our phones, tablets, watches, radio, television and any other device we have. It used to take hours to days to get information that we now get in seconds. The freedom of press is a huge part of our daily lives. We have to have this freedom to uphold the values of the great USA. People have served and died for years to keep this and many other freedoms. This is what makes this country special. There cannot be any state oversight to ensure this right of the people. The sad thing is this can also be a wolf in sheep clothing. As freedom of the press is a necessity for our way of life it can be tweaked or bent just enough to cause great pain and suffering. It can be bent to sway peoples thoughts and beliefs one way or the other. It has contaminated peoples views of things in a way that it can not be reversed. The one freedom that a person is born with no matter what country they live in is their opinion.  The media is sneaky like a snake, putting just enough info out to sway you the way they want. It can be based on fact but twisted so you think the way they want you to. A persons life can be ruined by a news break twisted just enough to tarnish this individuals name. No matter what they do they want escape this cloud over their name. A story can break about an important businessman twisted just enough for money gain and make him or break him. Let’s look at the agriculture industry for example. There can be an ecoli outbreak in a small meat locker in the middle of rural America that honestly doesn’t affect ten people and on a slow news day it gets published on a 6:00 news program.  The effect is huge. We stop buying meat. We throw out our refrigerator left overs. We tell our children not to eat their chicken nuggets at school. We swear to be vegetarians. We disinfect the kitchen, stop buying our groceries at the local store and start buying three times the cost organic. Suddenly the price of meat drops across all of America. Meat producers sell their livestock at a reduced price resulting in unpaid payments and a real hardship that could last for months to years. All of this over a problem that affected ten people. This is the power of the media. We have got to have it but can to much of a good thing become a bad thing?