In Days Of Old

Have you ever had the chance to sit down and talk to the elderly? What about the chance to sit down with a grandparent? I treasure the talks I have had with the older ones about their lives and the things they done in earlier years. In a conversation with my grandmother it come up about the clothes she wore as a little girl. She said her mama made her skirts out of old flour sacks. Talk about in style! She said she never complained because that was the norm. The other little girls of the time was wearing the same thing. Times was hard back then. There wasn’t the luxury we have now. Cars was scarce. People either rode a horse or walked where they needed to go. Some folks then would wait for the rural delivery mail carrier and pay a nickel to ride somewhere with them. People made do with what they had. Often chickens eggs would be traded at the gristmill for cornmeal or flour. Every one had their own cow that had to be milked morning and night. Hogs were killed in the late fall as a community event and salted down to preserve the meat. People often sold the cream off the extra milk at cream stations. Whole milk was not wanted then. Just the cream. The way, or by product off the cream was fed to the hogs. Women churned their own butter. My grandmother said she could remember how happy her mother was when they got their first butter churn. Up until then they used a dashboard style. She said this was much slower. The men worked in the field with mules and a strong back. Gardens was canned, dryed buried to be preserved. Potatoes then were dug and put in a hole lined with straw in the barn to be kept. The hole had to be deep enough to be below the frost line so they would not freeze. Pumpkins was planted in the corn and were picked and fed to the livestock. Families had several children in those days which would start to work at a very young age to help feed their family. Education was often all most obsolete. My grandparents was a few of the blessed ones and got a high school education. This would be compared to college in this time. Most children of the area did not get a chance to go past grade school. In our Kentucky area tobacco was the major cash crop. Supplies would be charged at the country store and paid when the crop was sold in the fall. People struggled but had to much pride to ask for a handout. They loved one another, helped their neighbor, raised their children as they was raised. They watched their children grow everyday instead of taking them to day care that has to happen so often in today’s time. Yes times was hard but in a way I envy the days of old.


The Fall Of History

Every time I turn on the news there is another article about a civil war era statue either coming down or being protested to come down. I think every man,women and child are created equal. Let me get that out of the way up front. In no way am I a racist person. The problem with this new culture is we cannot turn our back on history and pretend it never happened. I don’t look at these statues and such as glorifying the confederate army or individual, but this war did happen. We can’t change that, only learn from it. The civil war resulted in 620,000 American deaths. Weather we like it or not this shaped our great country. If not for this war The Thirteenth Amendment of The United States Constitution might not have happened for years down the road. This amendment formally abolished slavery. The question comes in if these monuments serve the purpose of glorifying the person or are they a reminder of history that we don’t ever want to repeat. I say the rather. If we wanted to forget and pretend it never happened all names of these people would have to be stricken from history books and never taught to American youth. Just as the holocaust was a terrible unimaginable time in history for Europe you can still visit sites. I have never got the opportunity to visit these sights but a good friend of mine has. It said it was a life changing experience. The feeling you got to stand on ground where ten of thousands died in vain. This visit was not to glorify the terrible people who done this but to remember the victims and vowel to never let this happen again. All through history there has been terrible things that have happened. Presidents owned slaves, the White House was built by slaves, this does not make it right but it is history. We have got to educate our children by whatever means we can as to where this country has been and where we never want it to go back to. Will history fall and we repeat or will it stand and we learn from it?