Parents Of Youth Sports

Have you ever got the chance to attend a youth ball game. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a child that plays youth sports. Congratulations! Youth sports are a very big part of American life. Maybe too big. Sure there is a small number that benefit from it to the point of college scholarships or even a career as a professional athlete. This is a very small percentage. Most children who are playing these sports won’t get the scholarships or the career as a professional. Sure, they benefit from sportsmanship, life skills of winning, losing, and setting goals. Making yourself better. The down side is so many kids also learn what it is like to never be good enough. Parents may love their children more than the world and only want to help but so often set a terrible example. I once attended a basketball game that my son was in and felt so bad for a player on the opposite team. He was a good player but not a super star. This young man was as good as anyone else there that night but not the player that his Dad had dreams of him being. Let’s get to his Dad. His Dad had done good in life, was a medical doctor, and had riches of the world. The problem was, he couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. He was on his son the whole game. Screaming, yelling, jumping, cursing. He made a fool of himself. It was so bad one of the refs stopped the game and told him he would have to calm down or leave. Now I am all about freedom and raising your children as you see fit, but we must stop and think is this helping. Is this making our children better people? This young man left the game with his head hung low. He was so embarrassed and felt worthless. The young man is now in college. He is playing no sports. He simply wasn’t good enough. Just like the majority of kids. He is very intelligent and will do good for himself. So, did that night years ago gain anything? I say no. It only crushed his self esteem. He is right where he would be in life if his Dad had praised him for doing his best. We must watch how we act towards our children. These things will be remembered by them for years to come. Praise your children. Be proud of them and let them know. Unless you are Michael Jordon or Labron James then you have no right to talk down to these kids as this doctor did. He wanted his son to be what he wasn’t. Let the kids have fun. It is about them, not the parents. Kids are only kids once. Let them be happy and have fun.


Just A Spec

Have you ever sit and thought about the world we live in? How big it is? Where it stops? How far does space go? I have thought of these things before and have come to understand just how little we are. We are just a tiny, microscopic spec compared to the vast world we live in. There are over seven billion people in the world. Seven billion! You and I are one. One tiny spec in over seven billion. Men and women today often feel important, and get a bad attitude, like look at me. Boy, I am something they think. I am the best. They don’t stop to think just how little they are. No matter if you compare yourself to the population, the vast area of the world, or even the size of the oceans. You and I are a spec. Just a small particle. No matter how smart, pretty, rich, athletic or glamorous you think you are, someone is better. Someone is smarter. Someone is prettier. Someone is more athletic. Never think you are the best. Never think you are the greatest. It is a poison just waiting for you to gulp down.  Be humble. A humble person is always learning. Always eager to improve. The person who sits on a high horse thinks they know it all will never get better. They don’t know there is an improvement to be had. They already think they are the best. This thinking is like stagnant water. It stinks. It will kill whoever drinks it. We should always want to improve. Live better. Reach out for those that are down. Put others first. I promise it will come full circle in time. Treat others how you want to be treated. God created everyone equal. There should be no big I’s and little you’s. Just think if everyone done their best, loved their neighbor as their self, and stayed humble just how much different the world would be. Stop and think. Don’t drink the poison. Look just how little we are. We are just a spec.