The Ghost Of Forgotten Farms


Have you ever been on a road trip or even on your way to work and see an old farm that looks abandoned? I have all the time. Maybe it is that I take special notice. Maybe I am partial. Could it be that it is because I love history. It is probably a combination of all these things. The old farms stick out to me. It is almost like a huge tombstone that marks the resting place of a day and time that is gone. I grew up on a family farm. It was a way of life. It was a passion. My family took pride in the farm and animals that they produced. This way though has been replaced. It has been replaced with big business. Sure there are a few that are still trying to hang onto the old way but for the most part times has changed and left them behind. What was once a way to survive and live has turned into million dollar operations. These farms of today have a cash flow of more than what a whole county used to. Now I am not saying they are rich or even close. The farmer of today struggles with prices and often barely turns a profit. A lot of the huge farms are in substantial debt. I know that the farm life of today is far from easy, but for this post let’s concentrate on a simpler time. A time when a farm was a mere fifty acres. A time when husband and wife worked the land. A time when one tractor tended the crops. A time when a few cows and a little corn would be enough. These old farms buildings setting idle tell the story. Only if they had a voice and could tell their story. Would they tell of the livestock that once grazed in the pasture. Would they tell of the little boys and girls who played in the hay that was stored in the loft. Maybe they would tell about the farmer in his bibed overalls who worked unconditionally six days a week and took off on Sunday for the sabbath. As time marches on and these old farms are torn down in the name of development there is a part of the rural life that dies. One by one these old buildings fall or get demolished and big new building go up in there place. For me it is a sad scene to watch as a piece of history is gone. For the ones that are there as of now, should be appreciated. Don’t just let them blend into the horizon. Pay attention to them as you travel and maybe, just maybe you will hear the ghost of the forgotten farms.




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