Sunday Night Blues

I sit here on a Sunday night thinking about the weekend and time spent with my family. Where did it go? Time flies when you are having fun! My mind moves to the week ahead and a small sad feeling comes over me. Seven o’clock will come early at the office. I call it the Sunday Night Blues. It is normal, right. Of course it is. If you just loved heading to work everyday it would not be work. I always said if you had a job picking up one hundred dollar bills everyday you would eventually get tired of bending over. That is just how we operate. I think ahead of the news that will break this week and what hot topics people will talk about. What we might write about in the week to come and I think of how blessed I am. I can get up every morning, shower, get dressed, hug my wife, kiss my children, and drive to work. Sure there is a lot of dead beats out there that wont work when they could, but there is also a group out there that would love to go to work everyday. Medical facilities are full of people that wish they had to be at the office at 7:00. It is full of people who wish they could get there self out of bed. People that would trade places in a second. My mind goes to a good friend of mine that had an accident last fall at his home. He fell about ten feet and is paralyzed for life. Confined to a wheelchair. I am sure he would love to go to work every morning. Think of the people who are born with disabilities. Hands, legs, feet, back, mind. I start to think just how blessed I am to have to work everyday to support my family.  Is it really the Sunday Night Blues or should it be the Sunday Night Blessing?


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