Buy American Be American

I am like most people I try to buy as cheap as I can. This is a smart practice if you are buying personally or are running a business. As I reflect on my buying habits I start to think, just how much do I buy that is American? Nope, not this. Nope, not that. Sorry this isn’t either. They were such good buys though I think. This is the problem with American buying habits. We are hooked on cheap stuff. We will boast with our friends about the cheap buy we made at lunch and complain with them mid evening about the local factory that just announced it was headed for Mexico. Five hundred jobs gone from our town we will complain, not stopping to think that the decision to close that factory lies on your shoulders and mine. Companies big and small has got to have sales to survive. Higher the product equals less sales. Cheaper the product equals more sales. This way of buying and thinking is what has brought us to where we are. We must as a society change our buying habits. How many of you have complained in the last month “ things just aren’t made the way they used to be.” How many washing machines have you had in your lifetime? My grandmother used to brag that she bought a new washer and dryer in the early sixties and it lasted forty five years. I can’t get one to last ten years. You and I have caused this decline in quality. We want cheap! As American factories close their door and move out of this country so does the quality. If they are trying to cheapen their product with cheap labor it goes hand in hand with quality. We want American high quality products at a cheap price. This is like two opposing magnets. It does not happen and most of the time we go for the price. Let’s say we start small. Ten percent. Let’s shoot for ten percent more American made products in our buggy. One in ten items. Go with the smallest items to start your habit. The five dollar item you need that is made in Bangladesh can be bought with a Made In USA tag for seven dollars. Buy it. If you need to get that two bucks back cut out your afternoon soda and candy bar for the day. ( If you are like me you don’t need it anyway). There is 324 million people in the USA. Just think if all 324 million increase their American product by ten percent. Just ten percent. That factory in town that is leaving would remain and add another five hundred jobs. It can happen. It must happen. As this buying practice becomes habit new business and factories will start to go up. Wages will increase but we have got to kick the habit of buying cheap. Buy American. Be American.


2 thoughts on “Buy American Be American

  1. Like your thinking… I think wherever you live in the world you should support the local businesses and of course buy in my case what is made in Thailand 🙂 Thank you for following my blog 🙂


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