Is Peace Forever Gone

Yesterday the White House announced that President Trump and Kim Jon Un would sit down to talk. Just weeks ago we were hearing every news cast, special report , and commentator talking of nuclear war. They talked of the worst kind of war ahead. Millions on millions would be dead. The Korean Peninsula would be totally demolished. Millions of Koreans, thousands and thousands of US troops killed. The economic expense would be mind boggling, putting the global economy in a position to take years to recover. The experts warned of all these outcomes. Just weeks ago they were talking about this. 2018 was projected to be the year of war by experts. Not one military expert said this would be a pushover for the United States. Yes they all agreed we would win but at a high price in money and life. Yesterday there was hope. Yesterday there was hope for the first time in decades that there might be a peaceful outcome.  No it wasn’t a guarantee or anything even close to definite, but it was a sliver of hope. People of generations past held on to hope and faith everyday for the future. Today that is gone. As soon as the news broke social media sites lit up with complaints. Trump done this or he done that. Kim would do this or he would do that. It wouldn’t work. It was a mistake. This kind of talk was everywhere even on major news outlets. Maybe this is correct, or just maybe, maybe they are wrong. Why  in this day and time would we put our politics, our pride, our views in front of peace. Why would anyone want total destruction over peace. No matter where we stand, left, right, Democrat or Republican we should hope and pray for our president to make this work. If we can stand and hope he fails just because you don’t like him or his other views and wish war with North Korea then we are no better than Kim. Hate has concurred peace or hs it?


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