Gun ban under 21

As I agree with officials that we need to do something to prevent school shootings here in the USA I do not think that banning gun sales to persons over 21 is the answer. Sure this sounds logical when you first think of it. Someone that age wouldn’t need a gun you think. Sure, sounds good. Then you go into deeper thought. At 18 years of age any young man or women that is mentally capable can serve our great country in war at home and abroad. We trust them with some of the most dangerous and most expensive weapons in the world because we want to be free. We want to live in our surburban houses and have our weekends to take our kids to sports complexes all over. We don’t want to worry of the reality that happens in this world. We don’t have to worry with our children starving, friends being raped by soldiers and daily beheadings. We are glad that they are their to give us this freedom. Let them get shot, wounded, or killed. It affects someone else you think. They put in their time and come back home only to find if this passes that they aren’t even old enough to buy a gun. What if we let military buy guns at 18 but no one else. If you go and get shot at and see war then you can buy a gun. That is genius. Let’s take a moment to think of what we are doing here.


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